Energy Savings Agreement


  • Two visits per year for homeowners with AC and furnace/heat pumps.
    Plan cost: One time payment of $324


  • One visit per year for homeowners with heat-only option.
    Plan cost: $168


  • Extend life of equipment
  • Help to prevent component failure, which can lead to other failures
  • Maintain safety
  • Increase reliability and maintain maximum efficiency
  • Duration is one year from purchase date
  • Two visits per year


Inspections Include

Air Conditioner

  1. Change air filters with standard filters, clean and sanitize the air filter return grill
  2. Check supply and return air temperatures
  3. Check wiring, control cards, and connections
  4. Assess refrigeration charge without applying freon pressure gauges as to not vent into the environment
  5. Check for proper voltage and wattage consumption of all applicable components
  6. Clean and inspect condensation drain
  7. Check for more bearing wear, out-of-balance, and freedom of movement
  8. Clean outdoor coil as necessary
  9. Clean condenser cabinet and remove pine needles
  10. Minor cleaning of evaporator coil, if accessible
  11. Inspect duct integrity and make minor air adjustments as necessary
  12. Make any and all adjustments to provide maximum performance


  1. Change air filters, standard efficiency
  2. Clean and disinfect return grill
  3. Clean exterior of cabinet
  4. Make any and all adjustments to maximize efficiency and performance
  5. Check for carbon monoxide
  6. Check and repair minor gas leaks
  7. Adjust gas burners to maximize efficiency and warm temperatures
  8. Adjust output air to maximize heat delivery
  9. Minor cleaning
  10. Check heat exchanger
  11. Clean flame sensor and pilot assembly as necessary
  12. Heat pumps perform similar check out as air conditioning

90%+ Efficiency Furnaces

All the servicing as standard furnaces, plus

  1. Check and perform minor repair of any leaking hoses and gaskets
  2. Remove blower housing, if accessible, and check secondary heat exchanger for debris


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